Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rejjie Snow- Rejovich EP

Artist: Rejjie Snow
Album: Rejovich EP
Record Label: Kaya Kaya

Mysterious MC still has a lot to prove, but "Rejovich" is certainly enough to maintain interest

From the moment you first put on "Rejovich", the debut EP from elusive mysterio Rejjie Snow, you'll be hard- pressed to work out where exactly he's from. His ultra stripped- back, deep as hell baritone delivery sees him flit simultaneously between American, Australian and Cockney dialects. It's these kind of schizophrenic tendencies that will draw Snow comparisons to the likes of Tyler, the Creator, but there's more substance on "Rejovich" than that would allow credit for.

The hook on opener "Loveleen", with it's "money, bitches, money, greed, pussy, Lord knows" does nothing to give aforementioned substance away, but more depth is endorsed in as the track continues. Lyrically, as is the case throughout this EP, thematically Snow jumps from debauchery to the rap game to a tough upbringing on the streets. "Ussr" finds him demonstrating a wordy intelligence that shows his understanding of the vernacular as he raps "Vietnam veterans slaying rappers with diligence, that's a predicament for your intellect." On "Olga (1984)" he even sounds vulnerable at the end as he confesses "don't blame it on the beers, but cheers, all I wanna do is shed a tear."

If Snow is reluctant to unveil himself via the internet, then "Rejovich" fills in holes that expose personal fears, ambitions and feelings. It's a textured start and, although it leaves him with plenty of worth to prove it's certainly enough to attain interest in what he does in the future.

Key tracks: Loveleen, Ussr, Snow (My Rap Song)
For fans of: Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, the Creator, Joey Bada$$


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