Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Tracks: Lady GaGa- Applause

When hearing Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' back in 2009 I remember thoroughly enjoying this exciting sound, hoping that pop music's modern style of blandness could be transformed into a movement not embarrassing to have on my iPod. However, after failing to be enthralled to the same extent by "Paparazzi" due to its preachy nature, I began to lose interest. By the time the "Fame Monster" was released it seemed like any sense of originality had by Lady Gaga had vanished. 

Sadly I seemed like the only one not tuning in to hear every little update, with Gaga's Twitter follower count going strong at almost 40 million to date. 

And with world domination seemingly her goal - appearing possible with even the infamous 'Meat Dress', styled at the 2010 MTV awards having its own Wikipedia page - Lady Gaga embarks on her third studio album, "Artpop", and "Applause" is the first single to be released from it. 

As in your face as ever? You guessed it. Within slightly over three minutes', Gaga appears in the video with glimpses of resembling Lisa Minnelli; as well as successfully attempting to evoke Heath Ledger's Joker and become a black swan (not literally). Even if you aren't a fan of her work, it's definitely worth a view.

But what are my thoughts on Radio Ga Ga's (I apologise) new song? Titled 'Applause', it may come across as slightly pushy. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised. Though it maintains her image of being nightclub-friendly, lyrically the track is much more original when compared to the cliched 'Born this Way'. 

With her "Little Monsters" counting down the days for every album, and track release, the loyal fans have been well treated. Though not a masterclass, 'Applause' definitely ticks all the boxes. A typically great pop song. 

"ARTPOP" is due to be released on the 9th November via Interscope Records.

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