Monday, 5 August 2013

New Tracks: Touche Amore- Just Exist

"Just Exist" is the first track to drop from LA post- hardcore band Touche Amore's upcoming full- length "Is Survived By", which is due out on the 24th September. Over the last few years the band have been sealing a reputation as one of the most popular underground Screamo bands in America, but I've never been a big fan of the sound the band works with. That being said, this new song ain't bad.

The song's catchy, uplifting guitar melodies and pounding drums means it has quite a high dose of memorable intensity, and I also like the raw production that the band has employed here. However, there's something about the lyrics (as is the case with many a Hardcore- inspired band) that's a little bit too corny. The vocals are growled in a way that make them both accessible and easily understood, but there's just something cheesily off- putting about them.

Nevertheless, if you're into this kind of thing make sure you check out "Is Survived By." It'll be getting the review treatment.

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