Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Tracks: Cage- the Hunt

Cage returns with the first track to drop from his upcoming new full- length "Kill The Architect" (which he's apparently been working on for the past three years) called "The Hunt", and it's a fantastic way to mark his return. The track has quite an old- school Mobb Deep vibe about it. It has a typically layered and textured beat full of strange, eerie instrumentation. However, the beat also leaves lots of room for his unhinged imagination to run wild in. Cage really reminds the listener of just what a complex and unnerving character he is on this track. Lyrical matter ranges from "Hostel"- esque torture scenes to the debate between Science and Religion, but it also contains lots of uncomfortable, horrific imagery, such as "I found out what haunted is, it turned out to be the ghosts of my aborted kids" and the closing lyric "I hope that when I'm dead my memorabilia will keep on touching kids like pedophilia."

As far as I'm concerned, this is Cage at his most vivid and therefore at his finest. Expectations are certainly high for "Kill the Architect" off the back of this track.

"Kill The Architect" is due to be released October 22nd via Eastern Conference Records. You can stream "The Hunt" below, and grab a free download in exchange for an email address from Cage's bandcamp, also linked below.

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