Sunday, 30 July 2017

New Beginnings: A Note On The New Site

It's been a while since I had the time or capacity to post as regularly as I'd like to on here. There's a fair chance that not many people here will be familiar with the all the reasons for this, but my focus for the past couple of years has been primarily on paid work and working out what the best approaches to securing a future in the media are. While it may seem counter-productive to neglect practices like this website, as I've written before, life is good at getting in the way sometimes and in the most general terms possible, that's the reason for the slowing down process of late.

However, recently I've been coming to the point of being desperate to throw myself back at writing again, covering various topics and attempting various different approaches. It's likely that the premise of much of my non-fiction writing will still be music based, but I'm currently working on several projects with different companies and will certainly be posting about my experience of those in the future. The platform for all of this will be my new website, a Wordpress domain entitled High Rise And Ink, which you can visit HERE. There are three articles on the site so far, with a couple of older pieces previously published here to be uploaded over the next couple of days, and this is where all of my self-imposed and unassigned writing will be published in the immediate and probably quite ongoing future. Design wise it's still in its very early stages, but I hope to improve it shortly and make it look far more adept, rather than merely functional.

Thank you hugely, as always, to everyone who has continued to support and encourage me to carry on writing and sharing. I still have plans to make it my full-time profession at some stage, so I'll be doing my best to ensure that the impetus is kept and I manage to stay revived enough get lost in the beauty of what can be achieved via words. It's safe to say that I would have given up completely a long time ago if it wasn't for some of the people who have invigorated me, so every read of every post means a great deal.

Many thanks once again, and I hope to see you in the due course!

Jack x