Thursday, 22 August 2013

Franz Ferdinand- Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Album: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
Record Label: Domino

"Right Thoughts..." sees the Glaswegian band recapture their style in magnificent fashion, says Will Rogers

Franz Ferdinand haven’t released a record since 2009, and to many it feels even longer as the previous record left many fans feeling underwhelmed. Though “Tonight” still had some undoubted highlights, it was generally an album that people believed saw the band lose their sound. Accusations levelled ranged from the sound being 'superficial' to 'too much like their other stuff'. So perhaps it would be fair to ask how the band puts these worries to bed.

“Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” is the perfect reminder of what Franz Ferdinand stand for. Always a bit different from their competition dated back in 2004 after their debut album, “Franz Ferdinand”, the band has recaptured that ability to dominate indie disco playlists.

Opening with “Right Action”, with its serrated riffs, new wave synth licks and a snap of snare, there couldn't be a better way for Franz Ferdinand to announce their return. Not only is it a suitable album opener, it is a track capable of opening what could be a number of worldwide festival appearances. Though the album's second track “Evil Eye” offers something different from the norm, and is therefore unlikely to prove as popular on the bands live performances, it perfectly shows how the band are able to let their hair down with a shorter, snappier sound.

“Love Illumination” sees the band return to their more traditional sound and is as equally strong as the opener. Though more of a typical Indie hit, that signature disco sound is maintained.

While it is fair to say that “Treason! Animals” is a particular low point, dipping in and out from being either catchy to just an annoying ringing sound, 'Bullet’ is yet another highlight as well as one to look out for in the chart listings as it is certainly set to be a future single. The track sucks you in with a signature intro and is likely to see the band continue their affiliation with football fans as it is sure to feature on the upcoming Fifa '14.

While taking a lengthy break before releasing material can often risk alienating and therefore losing fans, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” is the perfect treat for those that stayed interested, as well as a potential new audience that are sure to be impressed.

Key Tracks: Right Action, Bullet, Evil Eye, Love Illumination
For fans of: Gang of Four, Bloc Party


By Will J. Rogers

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