Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Tracks: Death Grips- Birds

OOF! San Francisco game- changing noisenik Hip- Hop trio Death Grips have returned with an absolutely nightmarish bulldozer of a track by the way of "Birds." Well, what else did you expect?

As some of you who have followed this blog for a while now/ know me personally will know, I'm a HUGE Death Grips fan. In fact they are probably my favourite act to emerge from the last two years or so. You may also remember that their debut album proper "The Money Store" got the No. 1 spot on my end of year albums list in 2012. However, I never got round to reviewing the second record they put out that year, "No Love Deep Web", even though I listened to it a handful of times and generally enjoyed it.

The word on the blogosphere is that the band aren't due to release another full- length until 2014, but out of the blue comes the pile- driving "Birds", which might just be the weirdest thing they've done to date. As expected, there's a hideous amount going on in this song, but all of it works in conjunction in that seamless Death grips way. It starts off with the group's trademark deliberately OTT, screeching droney synths (which are repeated in the hook) and a somewhat punky rhythm endorsed in by Zach Hill.

The verses are comprised of a ghostly, resounding guitar sample, reflecting a newly organic trajectory for the band. MC Ride's vocals are chopped up and drenched in weird, robotic reverb. And he sounds as evil, sadistic and narcissistic as ever in the second verse when he raps "I got power, it's so cheap, fuck this bird, Bitch, drink this bleach."

What's so fantastic about "Birds" is it proves that Death grips aren't about to run out of ideas anytime soon. The incredible thing about them is their ability to consistently find new ways to develop and expand their sound into otherworldly pastures where people have only stood, afraid, on the fringes before.

As with most Death Grips material it's free to download, so both stream it and download (if you so wish) via the Soundcloud link below:

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