Friday, 23 August 2013

New Tracks: Demdike Stare Secret Thirteen Mix

Lancastrian purveyors of all things dark and otherworldly Demdike Stare have put together a fantastic new mix for the brilliant Secret Thirteen website. It's a mix that sees the duo weave music of an extremely wide span of genres together seamlessly and effortlessly, in a way that is beautiful but is sure to send all kinds of shivers down your spine. There's ghostly ambient drone, fractious, haunting electronica, laid- back and smooth house and Jazz here to boot, as well as much more. The art of the mixtape is something (as we've learnt in the past) that Demdike Stare feel should take time and meticulous consideration. As is the case with their Secret Thirteen Mix, is often these editions that are the most worthwhile.

You can download the mix from the Secret Thirteen website linked below. There's also a track list on there. Have a look at the rest of the site for other great mixes whilst you're at it.

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