Sunday, 4 August 2013

New Tracks: Gorguts- Colored Sands

Canadian Technical Death Metal legends Gorguts have just released "Colored Sands", their first album since 2001 and since their surprising reformation in 2008. Frontman Luc Lemay is the only original band member left since the initial roll call in 1989, but the revived line- up since their reformation helps this, the destructive title track, to feel fresh, revitalized and help to emphasize it's bone shattering intensity.

Like a lot of the work of bands like Nile, there's a slightly mysterious and historical aspect at the heart of "Colored Sands." The track starts off with an intensely dark, shimmering Eastern twang, before it's joined by skull- crushingly thick and heavy swagger in the main riff and pulverizing bass. Everything is turned up to almost as far as it can go, including Lemay's growls which drip with conviction. It wouldn't be a Gorguts track if there wasn't some kind of mesmerizing technicality thrown in, and the shredding as well as the harmonized guitar intertwining emphasises this.

It's a fantastic return for the band. They released the album of the same name on the 30th July via self release, so expect a review relatively soon. You can stream the title track via the link below.

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