Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Tracks: Trois- For Us

"For Us" is the debut single from New Orleans MC Trois, along with his partner in crime The Ancient Alchemist, and it's a truly fine start to what promises to be an interesting career. The Ancient Alchemist's production is gorgeous. A dark, resounding and versatile guitar sample chimes with subtle, bubbling and atmospheric synth rushes, before climaxing with a finale of star- gazing twinkles, crashing cymbals and a glacial keyboard melody resembling less aggressive EL-P- esque production ambition.

However, Trois is just as if not more captivating. Akin to MCs like Joey Bada$$ and Andre 3000, Trois approaches braggadocious Hip Hop with a high level of intellect and wordy but effortless idealism. It's certainly cocksure, but the images and metaphors conjured make it interesting all the way through.

Trois says that his debut album is finished. Until they announce a release date though, this track is almost certain to whet your appetite. I'm certainly looking forward to hearing what he has to offer in the future.

Check out the single via the link below:

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