Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Tracks: Active Child- She Cut Me

LA based harpist/ producer/ neo- r'n'b wunderkind Pat Grossi, aka Active Child, has unveiled an absolutely gorgeous new track in the shape of "She Cut Me." The track spans just 2 minutes 15 seconds, and is entirely instrumental, save for a few creamy and often harmonious falsetto "ahhs" from Grossi. What the track lacks in vocals it makes up for in sonic effects. It's absolutely riddled with atmosphere, from the cavernous drums to the hefty, rumbling synth hum that forms the backdrop and the glacial plucked Harp notes. It's one of those songs that sounds like it was recorded in an enchanted glade deep within a dense woodland that only Grossi knows about, and he revels in its secrecy.

Stream the track and watch the video via the link below:

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