Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Songs: Torche- Keep Up & Leather Feather

On 2nd July of this year, Floridian "Sludge- Poppers" Torche released two brand new singles. These are the first releases from the band since their stellar album "Harmonicraft" last year, which featured pretty highly in my end of year albums list.

The first single is "Keep Up." Carrying on their most recent effort's trend of combining enormous pop melodies with thick, crushing heaviness, the main riff is both sugary and summery, but the track still very much has that added beef thanks to the thick production on the bass. Overall, the track wouldn't sound out of place on Dinosaur Jr. album and is pretty catchy, but I don't think it's quite as immediate as a lot of what was on "Harmonicraft."

Steam "Keep Up" via this link:

The second single goes by the name of "Leather Feather", and is much more in tune with the older, heavier sonic ground Torche used to occupy. It's got an absolutely stonking, dirty and fuzzy swagger and riff on it. There aren't many progressions in the song save for the quickly- plucked harmonised arpeggios in the bridge section, but the song builds into a thunderous, fast paced climax that is certainly both monstrously heavy and exciting.

There has no been no word of a new record release as of yet for the band.

Stream "Leather Feather" via this link:

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