Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Gorguts- Colored Sands

Artist: Gorguts
Album: Colored Sands
Record Label: Gorguts

Despite occasionally asking a bit too much of the listener, returned Canadian Death metallers Gorguts offer up dazzling levels of skill and composition

When Luc Lamay reformed Quebec Technical Death Metal crew Gorguts in 2009 with an entirely revised line up, it was tantalising to witness any new prowess and skill (such as the band had previously been famed for) take shape. "Colored Sands" is the band's first since both their reformation and 2001's "From Wisdom to Hate", so naturally to prove a point of relevance and unrelenting skill is rightly high on Lamay's agenda.

Most of the time, "Colored Sands" is a blinding showcase of dazzling ability, not only in terms of technical skill, but also in terms of composition. "An Ocean of Wisdom" is a myriad of off- kilter rhythms and schizophrenic time signatures. Airtight brutality is at the fore, but it's interspersed by the meandering, serenely creepy oasis of calm at the song's mid- point. "Enemies of Compassion" is a steel battering ram wielded with brick- to- skull intensity, whilst "Absconders" reaches near 10 minutes in length and is a neatly pieced together fusion of hellish finger work and stripped back interludes.

There are moments where "Colored Sands" doesn't reach the aforementioned highs. "Le Toit Du Monde" is too chaotic and frenzied, leaving no time for anything to be taken in when the grooves are discernible. "Forgotten Arrows", despite being the shortest moment here offers little to tap in to. A slightly more refined approach is sometimes necessary, but "Colored Sands" lacks nothing in terms of character and ability.

Key Tracks: Enemies of Compassion, An Ocean of Wisdom, Ember's Voice
For fans of: Nile, Gojira


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