Saturday, 17 March 2012

Toward The Low Sun

Artist: Dirty Three
Album: Toward The Low Sun
Release Date: February 2012

A pastoral exercise in virtuosity on 8th album from Ellis & Co.

You could say that Warren Ellis is the world's most understated purveyor of apocolyptica in music. His legendary work in Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds along with his stunning soundtrack (made collaboratively with long- time brother in filth Nick Cave) to 2009's epic "The Road" have both proven that the master arranger has the capacity to both haunt and enlighten the listener.

It should come as no surprise then, given the man's past, that "Furnace Skies", the opener to Dirty Three's 8th release "Toward The Low Sun" has an apocolyptic heave about it. An intense and bubbling undercurrent is accompanied by clanging, dislocated guitar chords and chaotic drums and crashing cymbals, all of which chime with the fuzzy, doom- laden keyboard that enters the forray half way through.

From here on in however, "Toward The Low Sun" becomes the soundtrack to a seemingly tranquil and bountiful existence after the storm has passed. "Moon On The Land" is a pastoral, elegant piece, its soft acoustic riff presided over by Ellis' stripped back but equally as profound violin playing. "Rising Below" starts off from humble, rhythmic beginnings and builds into an electrifying but joyous- sounding mesh, whilst "That Was Was" is the album's epic, slow- burning gonzo rocker on which you could be forgiven for thinking that Ellis' violin was an electric guitar.

Whether it sounds deliberately disjointed or magnificently crafted, the musicianship on "Toward The Low Sun" is remarkable. On almost every number, the three instruments that make up the songs chime seamlessly, almost instinctively. It makes for elegant, charismatic listening.

Download: 1) Moon On The Land, 2) Ashen Snow, 3) That Was Was
For Fans Of: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Low


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