Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Sounds: Suckers

Suckers are due to release their new album "Candy Salad" in April, and if lead- off song "Turn On The Sunshine" is anything to go by we're in for another lovely bout of joyous, lo- fi pop. "Turn On The Sunshine" has a certain cutesy appeal, but not in a particularly sickening way. A Cure/ Smiths- esque guitar melody and a jangly, sprightly piano lead the melody, whilst lyrics of love are made artily poetic by what are quite probably euphemisms, for example "I'd like to spend some more time inside your gold mine." It's not particularly interesting, but the ridiculously happy melody will no doubt ensure that "Turn On The Sunshine" will be the soundtrack to your sunny days in early spring.

Grab a free download of "Turn On The Sunshine" from RCRD LBL here:

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