Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sorrow And Extinction

Artist: Pallbearer
Album: Sorrow And Extinction
Release Date: 21/2/2012

An impressive and atmospheric debut from the Arkansas doom metallers

In this day and age of a very fickle music industry, few albums do what their title suggests, but in calling their debut "Sorrow And Extinction" Arkansas doom- metal newcomers Pallbearer have summed up their music pretty accurately. A slow- burning soundtrack to post- apocolyptic desolation, "Sorrow And Extinction" marries the dirge of downtuned, crushingly heavy sludge with an epic yet mournful sense of melody, a marriage that they consistenly carry throughout. With every song surpassing the 8- minute mark, patience is certainly needed, but there is atmosphere in abundance here.

Download: An Offering Of Grief
For Fans Of: Lord Vicar, St. Vitus, Yob


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