Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Sounds: Royal Headache

Royal Headache are an Austrailian four piece from West Sydney. Here's a track that I came by just today and fell in love almost instantly. It's called "Girls", and perhaps one of the most fun songs I've heard in a long time, from a style of music that rarely excites me any more. It's full of Jangly, upbeat and insanely catchy riffs that are balanced out by the lo- lo- lo- fi production, giving the track a very raw feel, almost as though it was recorded in a Sydney basement at 4am when all the bands' members were on the biggest sugar rushes of their lives (which, to be fair, it probably was). It's reminiscent of the more sugary pop- rocky era of The Replacements or early Cloud Nothings work mixed with that of a slightly less meaty Misfits. It's fast, it's energetic and gloriously anthemic, all of which make the free download linked below a must hear.

The self titled album initially came out in Austrailia last year, but is due for a release date in the US (not sure about the UK) on May 8th.

Grab "Girls" from The Needle Drop here:

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