Saturday, 3 March 2012


Artist: John Talabot
Album: Fin
Release Date: 27/1/2012

The best soundtrack to dancing like your life depends on it in 2012 so far

On his debut full- length "Fin", Barcelona producer John Talabot gives his take on Balearic house many and often brilliant guises. Opener "Depak Ine" builds and becomes more and more epically groovy and intricate as it progresses. Elsewhere "Fin" traverses from the dark, sparse but nearly always sexy ("So Will be Now") to early '90s- era tropical euphoria ("When The Past Was Present"). Sensual and diverse, in "Fin" dance music in 2012 has found itself an early gem.

Download: Depak Ine
For Fans Of: Caribou, Nicolas Jaar, Delorean


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