Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Sounds: Free Energy

Do you ever get those songs that by all rights you should really, really hate, but the song is so infectious that it's just impossible to ignore that little part of your brain that just ticks with it? Free Energy's new song "Electric Fever" is one such song. An unashamed throwback to '70s pop- rock, the cheese and pop factors really are whacked up to fulfil their maximum sound here. That ridiculously simple but catchy riff that's a rip off of nearly every riff from that said time period, the cowbell- based percussive drums and THAT huge chorus... All of this prooves Free Energy are well- versed in past rock 'n' roll and pop and bring it together to form anthems like "Electric Fever" that, although are fundamentally flawed, will never cease to make you smile. And it's not unfair to suggest that that kind of thing is what we need at the moment.

Grab a free download of "Electric Fever" from RCRD LBL here:

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