Friday, 2 March 2012

New Sounds: THEEsatisfaction

Any fan of Shabazz Palaces' wonderful "Black Up" album from last year will certainly know who THEEsatisfaction are, having guested on the aforementioned "Black Up" and supported the Seattle rap duo in the UK late last year. The duo are a hip- hop/ neo- soul act from Washington who could count themselves the second hip hop project ever to be signed by Sub Pop last year. Their debut album "awE Natural" will be released later this month, and recently, two new songs appeared online, and both are very much worth your attention.

The first, "Enchantruss", is both haunting and dark, eerie and enchanting. It comprises of the duo's heavenly voices and undoubtably brilliant rapping ability towards the end of the song, but is accompanied for its' entirety by an unnerving and bewitching circle of "hmms" from the members and a dark, rumbling synth undercurrent, giving it a more paranoid if still pretty feel.

The Second is "QueenS", and for my money is the best thing I've heard by the band to date. Slinky, sexy, groovy, it has an undeniably gorgeous melody, and the girls' harmonies and intertwinning vocals have arguably never sounded so good together on record before. Their singing ability is pushed to the fore, exposing their obviously very real and natural talent. It's sensual, seductive and calmingly beautiful, and pretty much ticks all the boxes for how neo- soul should sound in 2012.

Grab a free download of both "Enchantruss" and "QueenS" from The Needle Drop here:

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