Saturday, 17 March 2012

Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
Release Date: 5/3/2012

The return of the synths marks the return of some glorious silliness

Purists rejoice! The synths are back! Thus is the most common phrase to hear in reference to The Magnetic Fields' latest "Love At The Bottom Of The Sea." After years of acoustic daydreaming and ukelele- toting dilly- dallying, despite being reminiscent of the band's first few albums, "Love At The Bottom Of The Sea" largely sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Opener "God Wants Us To Wait" comprises of guitar chords drenched in reverb and layers of synth that swoon in and out and a funky undertow of electro bleepery. It's a fine returnining statement that should have most die- hards boogy- ing like nobody's business. The array of characters presented here is also occasionally fascinating, from the psychopathic urge for revenge on "Your Girlfriend's Face" to the hilariously odd gender- bender "Andrew In Drag" (sample lyric: "The only girl I've ever loved is Andrew in drag"). Best of all though is "Infatuation (With Your Gyration)" which encompasses woozy Human League- esque '80s synth worship in the verses and harmonious chants of nonsense in the chorus.

It's not as thrilling as you might hope a throwback to the old glory days from these guys might be, but when they're charms surface their charisma is both silly and sharply witty. It's in those instances that you're reminded just how much fun this band can be.

Download: 1) Infatuation (With Your Gyration), 2) God Wants Us To Wait, 3) Quick!
For Fans Of: Of Montreal, Adam Green


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