Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Tracks: XJX TAF- Meditation

Frome, Somerset rapper XJX TAF, aka Jake Hight, uploaded his debut track, "Meditation" to his Soundcloud page last week. It's an absolutely rip- roaring way to start off his career. The beat gives off a hugely old- school minimal style- all booming snares and low- rumbling bass, as well as cuts of guitars, trumpets and keyboards,  all of which is stripped back to give XJX's flow plenty of space to ring clear. His near- spoken word flow is snappy, energetic and well- constructed, but it's his lyricism that's what's most captivating about this track. "Meditation for the nation grasp piece of mind, but in the application control what you find," he warns, before venturing off on allusions dealing with all kinds of problems, from an uncertain sense of self ("What's the truth, am I blind? Forward thinking or behind?") to drugs and the lack of information provided on them ("I bark at the Government, educate us properly") to lines that will take a couple of listens to understand fully ("solely the left of our brains doing the projects").

It's a fast- paced and brilliantly written way to start his career. It's certainly got my appetite whetted for the EP that XJX currently has in the works, which is reportedly due for release within the next couple of months.

You can stream "Meditation" via the Soundcloud link below:

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