Tuesday, 10 September 2013

New Tracks: Andy Stott- Anytime Soon

 "Anytime Soon" is UK purveyor of all things dark and electronic Andy Stott's contribution to the Adult Swim Singles program (as referred to in the Captain Murphy post earlier). As expected, it's a typically spine- tingling affair, even if it isn't one of Stott's most extravagant or textured pieces of work. At just over 8 minutes long it's a creeping shuffle of a track, propelled by an ominous tension- filled looped palm- muted guitar loop and a clicking, cavernous beat. As the song progresses it's joined various atmosphere- promoting rumbles and distant clangs, as well as a haunting female vocal sample that croons "the danger is in the thrill... The danger is in the dark" repeatedly. It's a track likely to send multiple shivers down your spine.

You can download "Anytime Soon", as well as the rest of this year's Adult Swim Singles program, for free via the link below:

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