Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Tracks: NEW PIXIES EP!

Legendary Alternative Rock geniuses Pixies have released a new video AND a stonking new EP by the name of "EP1." The release follows on from the return of Frank Black's nutters (minus Kim Deal) earlier this year with the release of "Bagboy", the band's first new material in 9 years.

"Indie Cindy" is the lead single from the new EP, and is a full on fest of rollicking beats, Frank Black's trademark raucous, unhinged delivery and strange lyrics before delving into a lilting but stocky ballad at the end. You can watch the video for that track by following the link below.


"EP1" is limited to 5,000 copies worldwide, and you can get it either on vinyl or via lossless Digital download. From the slow burning, reverb heavy lushness of opener "Andro Queen" to the hard- rocking, monstrous groove of the closer "What Goes Boom", it's a fairly standard Pixies affair, if a bit more moderated and controlled than the primal fury of their pre- "Doolittle" years. There'll be a review of the EP coming up on the site shortly

In the meantime, enjoy "Indie Cindy" and grab your copy of "EP1" here: http://www.pixiesmusic.com/ep1-uk/

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