Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Tracks: Arcade Fire- Reflektor

Canadian Art- Pop stalwarts Arcade Fire announced their return to the world a few days ago with two epic proportional maneuvers. First of all, they announced that their new album "Reflektor" will be a double LP. Then, they released the 7 and a half minute funk- a-thon title track as the debut single release from the album.

If you hadn't guessed already from the description above, "Reflektor" is a complete left turn in terms of sonic direction for the band. It's all disco drum beats, propulsive, samba- style percussion, funky bass and trumpets. It builds itself around a simple but effective groove that bounds its way along throughout the entire track. There are moments where the instrumentation swells and explodes in glistening soundscapes of huge proportions. Imagine the earthy electro- funk of LCD Soundsystem conjoining with the retro disco of some of Pulp's more languorous work, and that's what "Reflektor" sounds like.

It's an interesting new phase for the band, and it has got me very interested to see how this sound presents itself and progresses across the course of the album when it drops (however, I don't at all suspect it'll be entirely a disco affair). But Arcade Fire have both kept people guessing and launched their come back with a fine single. Anticipation is sure to be high.

"Reflektor" (the album) is due to be released on October 28th via  Arcade Fire music.

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