Monday, 16 September 2013

New Tracks: 65DaysofStatic- Prisms

65DaysofStatic are a Post- Rock group from Sheffield, and "Prisms" is a cut from their new album "Wild Light", which was released on Friday 13th September via Superball Music.

The track itself is astonishing. It starts off like IDM stalwarts Fuck Buttons meeting Four Tet on a lonely dancefloor, with its pugilistic stabs of glaze and soft two- step patter. Soon enough however it turns into a barn- storming mesh of pounding drums and minimal bleeps before gradually fulfilling guitar crescendos rise out of the haze to an all- at- once life affirming, distant and mesmerizing level. It ends on a fractious climax of glitchy, lingering electronics and and a glacial, lonesome piano melody.

Personally it's got me super- excited to hear "Wild Light" in full.

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