Tuesday, 10 September 2013

New Tracks: Captain Murphy w/ Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt & Thundercat- Between Villains

Captain Murphy, the elusive Hip Hop alter- ego of star Electronica producer Flying Lotus has teamed up with fellow rappers Viktor Vaughn and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as neo- jazz wizard Thundercat for the track "Between Villains", which is a contribution to the Adult Swim singles program this year. The track is distinctly dark, containing a deep rumbling, ominous bass line and a menacing snare crawl, which is then combined with chilling piano swells and lonesome notes and Thundercat's lightning plucked guitar melody. Lyrically Viktor Vaughn brings the unhinged, psychopathic humour ("I'm on a grassy knoll, everybody's got one your mom's is her asshole"), while Earl is more self- deprecating ("Don't press record, I hate my fucking voice"), and Murphy himself is as wordy, abstract and mysterious as always.

Ultimately it's a track that sees three MCs exporting their own personalities and ideas, and each of them coming off in equal measure deranged, clever, funny and talented. Pretty much everything you could want from a posse rap track, then.

You can download the track, as well as all other contributions to the Adult Swim program, for free here:

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