Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Tracks: Cult of Luna- Light Chaser

Swedish Post- Metallers Cult of Luna surprised the Metal community a few days by announcing the release of a new EP entitled "Vertikal II", as well as posting a new song online in the form of "Light Chaser." "Vertikal II" is a 4 track EP and is due to be released on September 17th as a subsidiary of it's older brother, the full- length "Vertikal" released in January. The EP will contain three new tracks (written at the time that they were writing the full- length) and a remix of the 19- minute monster "Vicarious Redemption" from none other than Godflesh/ Jesu/ Techno Animal mastermind Justin K. Broadrick.

"Light Chaser" is a typically layered and textured affair, even if it does propose a more mellow vibe to much of that that was on "Vertikal." The song revolves around a hypnotic, meandering arpeggio that keeps its momentum for the whole song. As it builds it's joined shuddering, droney synths and washes of distorted guitar feedback swoon in and out, thickening the atmosphere. A pounding, marching beat propels the song along in typically groovy fashion, as stabs of keyboard add to the rhythm and different percussive and melodic elements join the foray. Johannes Perrson's vocals sound as huge and defiant as always, and get buried under an intrusive shudder towards the track's mid- section.

"Light Chaser" is an utterly captivating piece of work, and is a perfect sonic accompaniment as those chilly, dark winter nights draw in.

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