Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Tracks: Real Lies- World Peace

A few days ago excellent young London trio Real Lies released their brand new single "World Peace", and it's absolutely banging fusion of '80s electro- pop, late- '80s Italo- House and baggy indie- isms. A hypnotic, colourful keyboard rattles throughout the whole track, as well as a pummeling, rumbling and funky bass line that adds danceable weight to the gorgeous melody. The vocals are buried beneath an ac knowledgeable but not over- bearing layer of haze and sweeping, hazy synth swoops lay themselves gracefully over the chorus. The track is ludicrously catchy, smart and pretty, as well as being rather addictive. Fans of the Pet Shop Boys, Happy Mondays and Hurts are sure to find plenty pleasurable about this track.

"World Peace" is out now via Marathon Artists Ltd.

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