Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Sounds: White Denim

Seismic shifts in sound have become an expected feature of White Denim, especially after last year's cosmic "D". However, the shift on new track "Get Back To Love (Street Joy)" really is unexpected. It's the first time the words "seriously sexy" can be applied to the band, as they embark on a sonic route that's more Solomon Burke than MC5 or Love. It's full of sensual, squelching synths and a slow- jam, chilled out vibe, whilst the vocals of James Petralli are both higher- pitched and arguably cleaner than they've ever been before. It's an obvious attempt to touch the more pleasure- orientated senses, and although it's not dense or heavily impacting, it's smooth, slinky and seductive.

Grab a free download of "Get Back To Love (Street Joy)" from RCRD LBL below:

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