Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blue Chips

Artist: Action Bronson
Album: Blue Chips
Release Date: 12/3/2012

A brilliant marriage of cold, raw imagery and adventurous beats

As will be the way in the handful of young entrepreneurs in the business of hip- hop in this age, there's a certain element of shock value employed rigorously on "Blue Chips"- the thing you're most likely to remember straight off is Bronson's consistently explicit ways to rap about sex and pussies. But with repeated listens, "Blue Chips" unveils itself as an emotive story- tellers' gold mine. There's cold, atmospheric loneliness on "9-24-11", a terrifically raw glimpse of the dark side of American suburbia on "Hookers At The Point" and remarkable sonic shapeshifts, like on "Double Breasted." Odd Future should take heed- this is what they SHOULD be doing.

Download: Double Breasted
For Fans Of: Danny Brown, OFWGKTA

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