Monday, 9 April 2012

New Sounds: Ab- Soul

The ever- rising tide of experimental hip hop surges forward in a rather wonderful fashion with this new eerie and unnerving joint from California MC Ab- Soul "Terrorist Threats." Featuring Jhene Aiko and controversial blogosphere star of last year Danny Brown, "Terrorist Threats" is a song of contradictions. Pretty but violent, chilled- out but inflammatory, it features a cold, tense beat of chilling choir vocals, while Ab- Soul, Jhene Aiko and Brown unveil lines about a united gang threat, referencing issues with drugs, childhood, AK 47s and 9/11 along the way in intricate rapping style. It's a song that announces itself via words rather than beats, and that immediately makes it one of the most well- crafted and impacting hip hop tracks I've heard so far this year.

Download "Terrorist Threats" from The Needle Drop here:

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