Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Sounds: Mexican Summer/ Software Recording Co. Label Sampler

The record labels Mexican Summer and Software Recording Co. are responsible for putting out some of the most interesting and diverse young bands to dent the blogosphere in recent times, and this joint sampler "Stash Rituals", which they made for Selftitled Magazine, is a fantastic opportunity to discover some of the bands on the rota and mine deeper into the sounds the labels support. There are quite a few names here who have recieved considerable levels of hype over the last few years already, most notably Oneohtrix Point Never, but also The Fresh & Onlys (pictured), Light Asylum and Peaking Lights. They've also got some tracks from newer artists who are just starting to make a name for themselves, like Mike Wexler and Megafortress, and some artists who you may never have heard of, for example Lilac & Champagne and Carlos Giffoni. I've only listened to it once through, but it sounds like there is some lovely stuff on offer here. I hope to do a proper review of it soon, but until then, make sure you download it in its entirety via the soundcloud link below.

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