Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dross Glop

Artist: Battles/ Various Artists
Album: Dross Glop
Release Date: 16/4/2012

One of 2011's finest gets the remix treatment and, rather blatently, mixed results ensue

It's a dangerous game to play, releasing a remix album. Especially so in the case of a band like Battles, whose 2011 opus "Gloss Drop" was widely regarded (and very deservingly so) as one of the year's finest releases. However, Battles' clinically excellent and improvisational streaks lead some way to suggesting that they are big fans of the technical remixing process, and although "Dross Glop" is a risky move, Battles' ever- changing sonic personality means that it makes perfect sense.

It makes perfect sense until you hear it, at least. That's not to say there aren't some pretty captivating moments here. Gui Barrato's take on "Wall Street" is one such highlight. It's an organic funky house rendition of the track, complete with a cavernous, echoing guitar line and chilling piano melody. The Field's predictable take on "Sweetie And Shag" bares little resemblance to the original but the Swedish producer employs the "Looping State Of Mind" mentality to dreamy affect. Shabazz Palaces do a pretty good job of fitting their warped, reverbed vocals and stoned spaciousness around the creeping euphoria of "White
Electric" too.

One reason why remix albums are so often placed in the danger zone is due to them being prone to inconsistency, something which, rather predictably, "Dross Glop" suffers from. Most of the tracks here don't come within 10,000 sonic metres of the original versions' curious virtuosity, some falling well, WELL short of the mark, most memorably Gang Gang Dance's truly ugly take on "Ice Cream." The highlights here are stand- alone moments of clever funkiness and weirdness and are probably better approached as single entities, rather than a part "Dross Glop."

Download: 1) Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix), 2) White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix), 3) Sweetie And Shag (The Field Remix)
For Fans Of: Remix albums, Shabazz Palaces, definitely NOT "Gloss Drop"


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