Monday, 7 April 2014

New Sounds: Trois Vanguard- Searching


Elusive New Orleans MC Trois Vanguard and I have been in touch over the past year or so, and with every new track he's sent me he seems to prove his worth a little bit more. The latest track to drop from his arsenal, 'Searching' is a titanic track that revolves around a layered, epic and beautiful trap- style beat headed up by some gorgeous orchestral arrangements and rhythmic synth bleeps. As always though, it's Trois' wordplay that makes him stand out. Not only does he ride the beat well, but his distinctly poetic, somewhat philosophical delivery is almost always captivating. "Taste the boiled wishbone, down to the marrow, push the titanic through an alleyway that's narrow" he raps, before asserting later on "angles, getting strangled here in Babylon, just like dreams get tangled here in Babylon." 

I've still not heard any word about a full- length album or mixtape from Trois, but I certainly hope it'll be coming soon. You can stream the track via the youtube link below, and make sure you do! 

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