Monday, 7 April 2014

As The Stars


Artist: Woods Of Desolation
Album: As The Stars
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions

The inevitable wave of Deafheaven- imitators in the wake of 'Sunbather' hasn't quite been as prominent as one may have feared, and Australian Black Metal crew Woods Of Desolation's latest 'As The Stars' is more than just Metal for hipsters to throw their patronage upon. From the cascading beauty of 'Unfold' to the rollicking, mid- paced 'This Autumn Light' and the instrumental epicness of 'Anamnesis' the sound is immensely pretty if not heftily original, although the character- filled vocals are sometimes spine- tingling. It may not be entirely their sound, but Woods Of Desolation are certainly putting their own spin on it. 

Key Track: Unfold
For Fans Of: Deafheaven, Austere


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