Thursday, 10 April 2014

Catharsis Absolute

Artist: Avichi
Album: Catharsis Absolute
Record Label: Profound Lore

Enough has been written about the influx of creativity and diversity in Black Metal since the first Wolves In The Throne Room album, but there's plenty of blastbeat conservatism being bandied about too. One man BM project Avichi's new album 'Catharsis Absolute' is one that merges both ball- parks, and thus should appease fans of both. 

There's the old- school darkness of 'Flames In My Eyes', the Agalloch- baiting melodicism of 'Lightweaver' and the 13-minute repetitive magnificence of 'All Gods Fall' to boot. The sinister piano lament of the title track will also conjure reminiscences of Mayhem's more ambient moments. All in all it's a largely wholesome, cascading beast. 


Key track: All Gods Fall
For Fans Of: Cult Of Fire,  Agalloch

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