Friday, 4 April 2014

New Sounds: Ought- Habit

Eccentric Indie rock quartet Ought are releasing their debut full- length album "More Than Any Other Day" on April 29th and as a precursor to the release they've premiered the track 'Habit'. The track is a gorgeous, slightly spectral and wordy 6 minute piece of excellence that's as sumptuously charming as it is attractively narrative. A shimmering, fractious but summery guitar melody resides over a subtly driving bass and strong- armed drum rhythm, although it's frontman Tim Beeler's lyrics that take the fore here. His half- spoken vocals are laced with David Byrne- esque wit and character and he sounds more deranged as the track continues, repeating "I FEEL A HABIT FORMING" wildly over a noisy wilderness as the track closes. 

"More Than Any Other Day" will be released on April 29th via Montreal record label Constellation Records. You can stream 'Habit' via the soundcloud link below. 

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