Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Brigade

Artist: Iceage
Album: New Brigade
Release Date: 2/9/2011

Danish teenagers re- vitalise post- punk in fantastically realistic style

Last year Southend- On- Sea band These New Puritans took British post- punk on its most twisted, difficult and perhaps most creative route yet. As indicative as this was of virtuosity and imaginitive thinking, it more entirely re- interpreted the post- punk sound than harked back to it. In 2011 Iceage's debut "new brigade" seems the most likely candidate to set the bar for other releaes within its raw and scuzzy confines, not only because it's a wonderful set of songs, but it envisions the true attitude of the sound of bands such as DNA and "Pink Flag"- era Wire.

"White Rune" contains clattering, manic drums, sometimes devoid of structure whilst a messy yet clear- cut guitar riff spills over the top, showcasing the band's uglier side. However Iceage also have an impeccable sense of melody, another trait that can be aligned to their post- punk forebears. "Remember" has a rhythmically pounding drum rattle and a jarring, slightly scuzzy riff reminiscent of The Horrors' first album. Melody keeps rearing its head until it reaches its peak in closer "You're Blessed" which features easily the best riff on the album.

"New Brigade" is by no means a new sound, but that's what's so refreshing about it. By creating this album off the back of a no- bullshit mentality, a slew of great riffs and areas of experimentalism and melody to boot, Iceage have avoided the tricks and made a REAL post- punk record. In 2011, that's something that's hard to come by.

Download: 1) You're Blessed, 2) Remember, 3) Collapse
For Fans of: Crass, Wire, The Horrors

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