Saturday, 17 December 2011


Artist: Amon Tobin
Album: ISAM
Release Date: 20/4/2011

Former Brazillian Drum 'n' Bass forebearer creates too many illusions

Those of you familiar with Brazillian producer Amon Tobin's experimental D'n'B mixes in the '90s had better prepare to be alienated, because none of those influences or sounds are brought to the table on "ISAM". Forsaking song structure for a perplexing myriad of tinkles and electronic rushes, for its first half "ISAM" is actually very pretty and intricate, most notably on the hymnal clank of "Lost & Found." However its rear end descends into plinky- plonky delicateness which is harder to get your head around than the first half arguably was. "ISAM" is not one you're likely to remember.

Download: Lost & Found
For Fans Of: Actress, Patten

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