Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In Gnod We Trust

Artist: Gnod
Album: In Gnod We Trust
Release Date: 6/6/2011

Barely heard Manchester collective take their psycadelic sounds to brave, new heights

"In Gnod We Trust" must have a serious claim for longest two- track "album" ever recorded. The mammoth 20 minutes of first track "Tony's First Communion" build up pensively in an earthy and percussive rattle before climaxing on a masterful fusion of swirling, swivelling electronics and horns. The second track, "Vatican" trundles along in low- rumbling and similarly percussive style for 6 minutes before descending into a terrifying clash of horror- movie synths and microphone effect- tortured screams. Sure, "In Gnod We Trust" is a daunting task, but certainly not one you can fault for ingenuity, and one that becomes infinitely more rewarding with every listen.

Download: Tony's First Communion
For Fans of: White Hills, Eternal Tapestry

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