Sunday, 11 December 2011

Azari & III

Artist: Azari & III
Album: Azari & III
Release Date: 8/8/2011

Canadian House crew cover all aspects of the human mentality on debut full- length

In the world of the rave and free party scene, behind closed doors and drug- addled minds, there are much darker things at work. The blindness to moral values and the ability to just leave the rest of the world behind you can both be dangerous tools. Toronto house four- piece Azari & III recognize this all too well. As much as it is an album to dance like your life depends on it too, "Azari & III" is also a record concerned with appealing to the human conscience in general.

"Azari & III" is a record that not only manages to encompass all sides of the rave world, but also of life itself. Opener "Into The Night" shows the band at their most love- locked and sensual in a suggestive ode to love- making as coos of "I want you, I need you tonight" float over the stripped back but funky musical delivery. "Tunnel Vision" and "Indigo" both showcase the albums more dancey and, well, fun side. The former is a twisting re- interpretation of the mind- melting euphoria of free parties, whilst the latter is percussive fest of low- rumbling bass lines and squelching synths.

But there's also the dark- hearted side. "Reckless (With Your Love)" is a wonderfully crafted throwback to late '80s/ early- '90s house with its funky and crisp piano lines, but it presents itself as a warning against AIDS and a call to avoid throwing your love at just any stranger who walks through a club door.

It's not all as superb as the aforementioned tracks however. A selection of tracks, such as "Lost in Time" or the passive "Manhooker" would only cause confusion if played in a club because nobody would know HOW to dance to them. However, "Azari & III" is a record that has its messages at heart, and is going to stick by them. So next time you go to a club, as much as you may be planning to lose your mind, remember to hold onto a strand of conscience, because Azari & III won't be there to help you.

Download: 1) Tunnel Vision, 2) Reckless (With Your Love), 3) Manic
For Fans Of: Hercules & Love Affair, Tensnake

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