Monday, 18 July 2016

LISTEN: Karenn Resident Advisor Podcast

Image Credit: Rene Passet Flickr 

Blawan (Jamie Roberts) and Pariah (Arthur Cayzar) have been among UK techno's most staple, sought after purveyors for the last decade or so, but nowhere is their vision, chemistry and sonic tenderness more evident than in their collaborative Karenn project. This hour-and-a-half set, recorded live at the MMA in Munich in April and released as part of Resident Advisor's legendary podcast series is an incendiary bosh of dark, pounding, often twisted and sometimes gorgeous improvised techno that's as banging as it is subtle, as hyper-coloured as it is subterranean. Their thoroughbred understanding is on display here, as even when you can hear them pondering which aural pathway to take next, the journey remains cohesive. 

Speaking to RA about the idea behind the set, Cayzar said: 

Aside from the way that we approached the tour as a whole, there wasn't really a specific aim for this show. During the tour we really tried to focus on stripping things back a bit, letting ideas roll out for a bit longer and to concentrate more on the sound rather than plugging the machines in and just going for it! We recorded most of the shows we played during the tour and, in general, we've been pretty happy with the quality of the recordings- although the fact that everything is totally improvised means that it can be hard to ever be 100% happy with an entire 90-minute or two hour set. 

You can stream/ download the podcast and read the full interview with Cayzar and Roberts over on the Resident Advisor site

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