Monday, 18 July 2016

Clipping.- Wriggle EP

Artist: Clipping. 
Album: Wriggle EP
Record Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 13th June 2016

LA noiseniks release another bout of dark, sexually depraved unpleasantness with quick-fire spitting and hooks to boot

Like all the so-called "Noise-Hop" groups, Los Angeles trio Clipping.'s respect for the genre and self-assurance goes back much further and deeper than the mainstream intrigue sparked by Kanye West's Yeezus, or even Death grips for that matter. Their new six-track EP, Wriggle, is another depraved chapter in their relatively singular warp-zone. As has become the case in point with Clipping., it's not so much visionary as it is filthily entertaining. 

It starts with 'Intro', a 50-second acapella lightning bolt by MC Daveed Diggs, whose esoteric portrayal of gutter-level violence leads fittingly into the banging 'Shooter', which sees him navigate his way through creative references and one-liners before rounding off hilariously on the line "caught his ass on demand, Netflix". 'Back Up' is deliriously noisy, propelled by head-spinning rhythms and bouts of melody-less scree with great guest appearances from both Antwon and Signor Benedick The Moor. The title track samples UK power-electronics group Whitehouse to near-perfection, complete with destructive snare claps and a murky acid-house inflection with Diggs shamelessly accounting a cross-sexuality BDSM situation.

Though it carries on the EP's reprobate initiative, a stellar Cakes Da Killa verse can't save 'Hot Fuck No Love' from being the least interesting moment in that inflection, and 'Our Time' is a bleak ode to loss and heartbreak that is reflective but feels slightly out of place. But Clipping.'s music has always been more about feel and violence than it has about being overtly profound, and for the most part Wriggle's degenerate oeuvre is thrilling. 


Key Tracks: 'Wriggle', 'Back Up', 'Shooter' 
For Fans Of: Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces 

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