Monday, 22 July 2013

Terror Danjah & Champion- Sons Of Anarchy EP

Artist: Terror Danjah & Champion
Album: Sons of Anarchy EP
Record Label: Hyperdub

Neither producer offers anything particularly prolific, but some versatile beats mean that these will be joyous to dance to in London clubs

As if any proof was needed of this, but if the compilation "Grime 2.0" released earlier this year achieved anything, it assured listeners that Grime is one of the most versatile and creative hot spots in underground UK music right now. Since his 2010 full- length "Undeniable", Terror Danjah has assured listeners of plenty of production promise, whilst Montreal Techno stalwart Champion has been proving himself over the course of the last 10 years.

"Sons of Anarchy" then provides the perfect opportunity for the producers to grab the bull by the horns in terms of collaboration and reveal more of their collective worth. Alas, "Sons of Anarchy" is more interested in shuddering bass lines and boogie down rhythms, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does see its own potential limited. Nevertheless, the versatility of Terror Danjah's stonkingly funky "Glide" with it's squelchy beeps switched up and faded out at every turn makes for elaborate creative premise, whilst the hectic, percussion lead Dancehall of the collaborative "Stone Island" pummels with its hefty slabs of low- end thunder.

Unfortunately, Champion's own cuts fail to be so rewarding, but "Bowser's Castle" is suitably equipped with cartoony, Nintendo- esque synths for entertaining listening.

Ultimately, this is not the work of brilliance it easily could have been. However, some of the songs on "Sons of Anarchy" are likely to prove very favourable when dropped in London clubs. Considering that is this EP's main end, it serves its purpose well enough.

Key Tracks: Terror Danjah- Glide, Stone Island, Champion- Bowser's Castle
For fans of: Rinse FM, Wiley


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