Thursday, 18 July 2013

Power Trip- Manifest Decimation

Artist: Power Trip
Album: Manifest Decimation
Record Label: Southern Lord

Southern Lord's latest crossover newcomers only thrill occasionally

Southern Lord's penchant for putting out crushing crossover albums over the past 18 months or so has seen them rise to be held amongst the higher echelons of esteem in Metal. Unfortunately, for all their distinctly old- school fusing of Thrash and Hardcore Punk, Texas quintet Power Trip don't have an original idea to their name, meaning that "Manifest Decimation" struggles to remain interesting. However, the savage Slayer- esque rampage of "Conditioned to Death" and the Witch Trials story telling of "Drown" are both reasonably thrilling.

Key tracks: Conditioned to Death
For fans of: Exodus, Black Breath, Slayer


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