Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Havok- Unnatural Selection

Artist: Havok
Album: Unnatural Selection
Record Label: Tanglade Ltd.

Colorado Thrash metallers offer another album of groove- ridden, old school fury and political righteousness

Music is at its most prolific when it has something to stand for, for example a political agenda, or a personal analysis. This is a concept that has never been lost on Thrash Metal, and indeed it certainly isn't lost on young Colorado wrecking crew Havok. As far as political and social righteousness goes, "Unnatural Selection" really couldn't have come at a better time.

As state intervention in America and the ever- increasing amount of surveillance endorsed beckons a nightmarish Orwellian future ever closer, Havok have jumped and attacked the social sphere with a handful of destructive riffs and a few strongly held convictions, and it's as pummeling as it is thrilling.

"I am the State" kicks things off with hungry, groove- ridden tenacity and acts as evidence that the band are just as competent at shredding as they are at political diagnosis. "It is True" is certainly the most catchy moment here, a stellar hard- rocking groove resounds around anti- establishment (or more presently anti- media) vocal fire (sample lyric: "How many people need to die before you wake up and give your fucking brain a try?"). "Living Nightmare" is the biggest thrill of all however, a bulldozing riff and groove interjected with more classic Thrash verbosity.

Of all the statements of intent made by Thrash revivalist bands in recent years, "Unnatural Selection" can count itself as one of those that really drives home both a message and how talented a band Havok are. Making a great racket whilst raising a middle finger to the Government is certainly no new concept, but when they do it with this much pile- driving force it's hard not to pay extra attention.

Key Tracks: Living Nightmare, Worse Than War, It Is True
For fans of: Megadeth, Slayer


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