Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Point Of No Return

Artist: Havok
Album: Point Of No Return EP
Release Date: 14/5/2012

Devoid of originality, but not of blistering thrash metal purity

Perhaps one of the most irritating occurances in music is when bands cover songs and neglect any of their own flavour and character from the proceedings. Thus, even though Havok do a wonderful rendition of Sepultura's "Arise" on "Point Of No Return", there's no reason why you should listen to that, or their Slayer medley comprising of covers of "Postmortem" and "Reign In Blood" over the originals. However, the two new original tracks here are both apocalyptic, barn stormingly abrasive exercises in old- school thrashing, clearly defined but all the more memorable for it. Originality has never enjoyed much prominence in Thrash Metal, and since Havok pummel through this EP with the precision of seemingly decades of musicianship behind them, we may forgive them their misteps somewhat.

Download: Point Of No Return
For Fans Of: Exodus, Kreator, Sepultura


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