Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Sounds: Chapel Club

London moody Interpol- baiting types Chapel Club have returned this week with a new single by the name of "Sleep Alone", and anybody who was at all in love with the sound of their debut album "Palace" which came out in January of last year had better prepare for a rather large surprise. "Sleep Alone" sees the dreary, grey soundscapes of their debut, and in fact ditch the guitars completely in favour of layer upon layer of synth colour for a mesmerising and beautiful mesh of synths and enormous sounding drums. The song itself pursues a hazy, chilled out and gorgeously smooth vibe, which are certainly helped by Lewis Bowman's coos of "I don't want to sleep alone." A complete sonic shift from the sound of their debut, there's no release date for their new record "Good Together" as of yet, but I'll definitely be interested to see what that record's like after hearing this.

Grab a free download of "Sleep Alone" via the band's soundcloud below. Also, via the link below you can listen to three new tracks from "Good Together."

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