Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Allfather- Bless The Earth With Fire

Artist: Allfather
Album: Bless The Earth With Fire
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: 29th April 2016

Metal will never die thanks to bands like Rochester quintet Allfather. Although massive grooves, crushing riffs and lyrics concerning the apocalypse and ugly demises are rather conservative staples of the genre’s sound, when they’re offered as viciously and as well-crafted as they are on their second EP Bless The Earth With Fire it’s not THAT easy to argue against.

Prospering under crisp production and tight musicianship, the 5 songs here follow fairly conventional structures, but are delivered with a sludgy swagger that EyeHateGod would be proud of. ‘The Bloody Noose’ evolves from a nihilistic, swamp-smothered crawl into a rollicking orange Goblin-esque riff-a-thon, while ‘Mouth of The Beast’ brings a brutally fist-pumping Hardcore inflection to bear before venturing into bluesy, slightly cosmic and off-kilter territory. The expansive 11-minute ‘Death, And Hell Followed With Him’ is a testament to the band’s skill at harnessing both atmosphere and a multitude of riffs into a wholesome epic.

There’s nothing particularly new bought to the table here, but there’s enough promise here to somewhat prove that the power riffs and darkness shouldn’t be underestimated when in decent hands. 


Key Tracks: 'Mouth Of The Beast', 'Death, and Hell Followed With Him', 'Raskolnikov'
For Fans Of: Crowbar, Orange Goblin 

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